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free neteller card
If you need a credit card and don't qualify or are looking for a solution for secure payments separate from your main bank account then NETELLER offer one of the world's leading secure online payments services and anyone can join for free. There are no credit checks when you apply and your card will be mailed to you shortly afterwards, you can even get a credit card if you are blacklisted. Don't risk using your personal credit card or spend a lot of time waiting for checks to arrive in the mail, get all the convenience a MasterCard has to offer easily. Once you have signed up free your online account (called an 'eWallet') will be created and you can start using the service. There are many benefits to using NETELLER including free money transfers, regular promotions, competitions and even a Rewards Points program. Along with all the features and benefits of NETELLER your online account can also be linked to a free prepaid MasterCard credit card allowing you to purchase online and in-store as well as draw cash at the ATM, in South Africa and around the world, wherever MasterCard is accepted. NETELLER is not only secure, using industry leading technology, it also offers instant transactions, which means you can withdraw or make deposits at many sites much faster and much more easily. If you are trading forex online, want to play poker online, play casino games or do sports betting as well as many other activities then NETELLER has a lot to offer and with no monthly fees and free sign-up is an excellent choice for making and receiving online payments. Note that the account is not available in South African Rand as a base currency though it can be used just like any other card in the country so please select the most appropriate currency option. Want more information or want to join free then - visit

card for paypal, facebook, amazon & more...

prepaid card for paypal south africa
Need to receive payments from companies in the USA, the UK and around the world in South Africa, without all the frustration of trying to do international transfers or other methods? Payoneer offers a free prepaid MasterCard in South Africa that allows you to receive payments from PayPal, Amazon, Facebook, ClickBank, Google and many other companies that are usually difficult to access funds from in South Africa. If you receive payments via PayPal and want to withdraw the cash at any ATM then the Payoneer card is an excellent idea, with completely free signup. The card is mailed to you and should be received in your local postbox in South Africa in just a week or two, with no charge for getting the card. You may have already heard of the South Africa FNB PayPal account partnership, though for many people having to open another account is irritating. Payoneer offers a free prepaid MasterCard that you can use to receive payments from not just PayPal but many other international companies and you can use it wherever MasterCard is accepted, around the world. Forget all the time wasted and hassle of trying to make and receive payments from international companies in South Africa when you don't have to. Get more information on the list of companies supported or apply free in minutes now - visit

need a loan, even with bad credit?

loans black listed south africa
The reality is that many people need a loan at some time in their lives and often people don't realise how easy it is to apply for a loan online, without going into the bank. offer anyone the opportunity to apply for loans of up to R230,000 online and you can get pre-approved within 60 minutes during business hours. You will get notified of you loan decision via SMS and the money will be deposited soon afterwards, for you to use for whatever you like. also accept applications if you are blacklisted, have a bad credit rating, defaults or garnishee orders and if possible they will do their best to help you get a loan. Having helped many people and only working with trusted loan providers you are guaranteed reponsible lending and efficient service. Forget wasting all day at the bank or searching all over the internet for easy loans online when you don't have to, apply free or get more information - visit

trade forex, shares & commodities...

free etoro account
Trading online and making money is the dream of many people though they are often afraid of the risk or find it very difficult to make the start due to the technical aspect of learning to trade online. eToro offers a unique online trading platform with free signup as well as practice trading accounts with no risk of losing any real money, helping you to get into online trading easily. What is more eToro offers free coupons that allow you to trade with a real money coupon and keep any profits you make. What makes eToro different from other traditional online trading websites is the social aspect of the site which incorporates many features you will find on sites like Twitter and Facebook. If you do deposit money and are not keen to risk trying to trade yourself you can 'copy' the trades of top traders simply, meaning that when they profit you profit. You can easily search for other successful traders on the network, view historical stats and add them to your porfolio. If you are new to trading and want to learn there are also plenty of resources you can use to help you understand how to trade online. There are too many features of eToro to fit into this small space and if you are looking for a simple and secure online trading platform with no software to download, many users and a large and active community then there is a lot to offer. Sign-up free now in just a few minutes or with Facebook and enjoy the world of trading online and maybe even make some money - visit

need a fast online loan today?

south africa fast little loans
Many people run out of money before they reach their next salary date and a short term loan was designed to help you in exactly that situation, with a quick loan for when you need cash fast. Wonga offers 'fast little loans' in South Africa and you can apply online in just a few minutes. Short term loans differ from normal loans and you make a single repayment, usually when you will next get money into your bank account. Forget wasting a lot of time going into the bank or risk using loans sharks in South Africa when it is not necessary. Wonga is completely secure, is a registered credit provider and offer loans from R100 to R8,000, all online. What is even better is that you can get an instant loan decision 24 hours a day with no hidden charges and the money deposited into your bank account soon after you loan is approved. Don't go without cash when you need it if you don't have to, it really couldn't be easier or quicker to apply free online for a easy loan, get more information or apply in minutes now - visit

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cheap bonds south africa
Planning on buying a new home or other property in South Africa and need a bond? Spending all day trying to find low bond rates in South Africa can be time consuming and frustrating and often has negative results. My Bond Quotes offers a free and simple online service that will allow you to easily get the lowest rates for your bond in South Africa, using leading bond originators. Applying online for a bond couldn't be easier and once you have completed the simple contact form an experienced home loans consultant will be in contact to try and help you get the best deal on your new bond in South Africa. Forget spending all day at the bank or applying at different companies online when you dont have to, let My Bond Quotes do all the hard work for you. Complete a short application form and get the best deal on your home loan - visit
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